Aom Got Plastic Surgery? Hear From Her Own Mouth.

Aom Got Plastic Surgery? Hear From Her Own Mouth.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Aom is one of the few Thai celebrity that actually have foreign fans. She is currently really popular in Taiwan and China. Could it be because of those foreign fans that people accuse her of trying to look different from Thai woman (looking more like Koreans or Chinese), and thinks she also had surgery to achieve that look. 

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Is Ploy Breaking The Beauty Standard In Thailand?

Is Ploy Breaking The Beauty Standard In Thailand?

Monday, July 18, 2016

Many Thai netizens are criticizing Ploy for being "too tan." It is clear that in Asia, especially Thailand and Korea, people are obsessed with having white skin. If you follow the trends in social media at all, you will see celebrities advertising and endorsing many white skin products. Are these photos of Ploy breaking the beauty standard in Thailand? Seems like it did, and many are saying "that's way too tan."

She looks fucking sexy to us International fans!

A photo posted by Chermarn Boonyasak (@chermarn) on

A photo posted by Chermarn Boonyasak (@chermarn) on

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Por's Precious Little Girl Mali

Por's Precious Little Girl Mali

Sunday, July 17, 2016

It still unbelievable that actor Por Tridsadee had left his family and fans to haven. Nevertheless, he will still be in our heart forever.

What has kept his wife Vanda and many of his fans happy is his precious precious little girl: Mali. She is a sweet heart and bright little star.

Yesterday, his family visited him and we are sure that he is happy to see everyone's smile especially Mali's.

Mali has grown so well, and became quit famous. She has been doing some photo shootings and advertisements. But one thing everyone loves about her is her dancing abilities!

A video posted by Vanda Sahawong (@vanda29) on

A video posted by Vanda Sahawong (@vanda29) on

A video posted by Vanda Sahawong (@vanda29) on

Everyone adore this precious daughter of Por.

Photos credits to instagram @vanda29

Is Taew Ready After 10 Years?

Is Taew Ready After 10 Years?

Taew has been dating boyfriend Ton for 10 years, but when asked about marriage she responded: 

Marriage is not in mind at the moment, because both of us still have many things to experience. At this time, I enjoy working. Both of our family agrees we are still young for that. 

I am not afraid  that things between us will change, because people change everyday whether they are married or not. I am happy at this time, so that's the way I wanted things to be. 

And he hasn't proposed to me yet; until he does, I will think about it."

photos from instagram @taewaew_natapohn
Translated Article: Gossipstar
Thai Actresses Before & After Plastic Surgery

Thai Actresses Before & After Plastic Surgery

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Not all Thai actresses are blessed with the beauty they currently have, but will you agree that these were pretty before?

1. Tangmo Pattaratida
2. Pat Napapa
3. Noey Chotika
4. Ying Rhatha
5. Esther Supreeleela
6. Koy Ratchawin

Tangmo got surgery done after a very bad car accident, which she is thankful for.

Pat never admitted on getting plastic surgery.

Noey admitted on getting the procedure done, but it was to trim down her tall nose bridge.

Ying Rhatta admitted getting the surgery for her nose and even said she received more work opportunities after her procedure.

Responses are unknown for Esther and Koy.

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Kwan Won't Leave Him For A Second

Kwan Won't Leave Him For A Second

Actress Kwan Usamanee won't leave boyfriend Gold Pichaya side while he is being hospitalized for gastroenteritis. 

Golf admitted to eating too many types of food at once and in the same day which has caused him the stomach flu. 

But he should be well soon since Kwan never leaves his side, right?

This seems to explain the situation!

Photos are from instagram @golfpichaya

Gubgib and Bie Welcome Daughter PaoPao

Gubgib and Bie Welcome Daughter PaoPao

Thursday, June 23, 2016

On June 23rd, Gubgib and Bie gave birth to their beautiful daughter: Pao-Pao.  It was an emotional day for the both of them as they successfully deliver her through natural birth. 

 This is baby Pao-Pao. Bie is Thai-Taiwanese; that explained the Chinese name the baby was given.

Welcome to the world, baby!

Top 5 Real Life Couple

Top 5 Real Life Couple

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Seems like celebrities nowadays are more open to the public about their significant other. And thanks to social media like Instagram and Facebook, fans can directly follow the daily lives of their favorite celeb. 

Recently, it seems like every celebrity with a boyfriend or girlfriend has been updating their accounts with cute photos of them and that other person. But listed below are the top five couples that fans go head over heels about each time they see a new social media post. 

Taew and her boyfriend

 These two are getting a lot of media attention, because Taew's boyfriend is not a celebrity, but he is just as handsome as a lead main guy.

Kimberly and Mark 
 These two are one of the hottest and cutest couple as of now in the Thai entertainment industry. It was a big shocking news to fans when both announced about their intimate relationship. Because many fans were fantasizing Mark with Mint, it really came as a shock. Many are accepting of them now, because you can't just look at their photos and not smile.

Yaya and Nadech
 This couple, however, never made it official to the public about what is going on with them. Every time a fan or reporter ask, they just replied the say old thing, "is it not obvious?" and then explained "we are always the same." They never give you a clear statement. But that is fine to us as long as they are so happy and good together.

Mint and Pupaa
 Mint, here, has been dating Pupaa for a while now. Pupaa is Aff Taksoarn's husband's brother. Read the Top 5 celebrity with millionaire boyfriend to see more of them. Mint is also very close with Aff's daughter Peamai.

Margie and Pok
 Margie is also on the millionaire boyfriend celebrity list. But when fans look at the two on their social media updates, they only see two good looking fashionista lovers traveling all around. The other guys are very casual with their outfit but not this one. This one is different.