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Nadech and Yaya are Competitors

April 22, 2015 Thai Celebrity 3 Comments

We are used to seeing both Nadech and Yaya working together within the same companies. But Yaya just signed with Bangkok Airways as their first ambassador this February of 2015. As for Nadech, he "has for several years been singing the praises of Thai AirAsia, starring in TV commercials for the low-cost airline and appearing at its public events," according to an article on nationmultimedia.com

Yaya was interviewed and said that she didn't think it would be a problem that they are competitors, because they are competing for different markets anyway.

What do you guys think? If you were to go to Thailand, which airlines would you choose and does it have anything to do with who the ambassadors are?


  1. It doesn't matter if they are competitors to me. Still support both of them.

    1. I support both, but my first priority is always Nadech

  2. When traveling to Thailand, I surely choose Thai AirAsia, just because I always support Nadech.