Aff Taksaorn,

Aff Taksaorn and Baby Peamai

May 03, 2015 Thai Celebrity 0 Comments

"แม่สั่งว่าห้ามใช้คอมพ์บนเตียง !!! และนี่คือกิจกรรมแรกของพ่อลูกคู่นี้... ตื่นมานอนดูหนังคุยกันกุ๊กกิ๊ก"
Aff: "I said do not use the computer on the bed!!! And this is the first thing this father-daughter did...awoke to watch movie happily together."

"Happy 4th month Birthday My Dear Daughter" 

Aff's little girl. Nong Peamai. Her daughter's name is Peamai which means "New Year." Her husband's name is Songran which is the annual Thai water festival also known as "Thai New Year."