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Celebrities With See Through Dress-Yes or No?

May 31, 2015 Thai Celebrity 1 Comments

Recently, Ple Irin worn a see through dress to attend the Nine Entertainment Award 2015, and was criticized by P'Ma (ม้า อรนภา), who is a well known model in Thailand, that her dress looks cheap.

P' Ma and male host. Both are hosts to a show that critic celebrities' dresses from all around the world.
Ple Irin's dress was being critic during the show, and P'Ma said "no" to the dress. She added that Ple Irin's dress looks very cheap; the material and the sewing was done poorly, and doesn't enhance her body.

The dress that Ple Irin worn to attend Nine Entertainment Award 2015.

What was Ple Irin's response to P'Ma? Well, she said, "thanks for the compliment."

Below are more photos of Thai celebrity with see through dress/outfits. Who worn it right, and who worn it wrong?

SOURCE: Sanook | Youtube

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  1. I don't like the dress's not because they are see-through, but because haven't done any justice or showcase how very beautiful these women are.