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Thai Slap and Kiss Lakorns Dramas

May 30, 2015 Thai Celebrity 2 Comments

Are you ready to get cozy in your couch while watching one of these slap and kiss Thai drama? Thai Celebrity Fever presents you with some of the hottest Thai dramas with lots of kissing scenes. Not all of them have slapping; but, you know, they definitely have kisses.Let's begin our list (in no particular order).

Title: น้ำตาไข่มุข / Maya See Muk / Tears of Pearl

 A struggling performer, working as a stunt woman finds her taking up another person’s identity and being married off to a playboy hotel heir. Read more summary here.

Keerin (Vee) is a playboy in this drama, so you can already guess all the sneaky kisses that Kaimook (Green) is going to receive. This is not a revenge type drama, but a comedy-romantic one. There won't be a lot of slaps; but lots of kisses (sneaky kisses).

Watch it with English Sub here. 

 Title: Game Rai Game Rak/เกมร้ายเกมรัก/ Evil Game Love Game

Watch the short clip above and you'll get an idea of what you will get yourself into. I'm sure that the majority have seen this drama, but if you haven't this is a must watch.

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Title: ปิ่นอนงค์ / Pin Anong / A Woman's Hairpin / The Perfect Stranger

The drama will make you smile like an idiot when Weir teases Min. It has a lot of hot/mad kisses and cute/sneaky kisses.

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Tittle: เล่ห์รตี / Leh Ratree / A Woman's Trickery

 Kate's (Esther) dad stole money from Sake's (Sean) company and when he found out, he got super pissed because he trusted Kate's dad. To pay for the debt, Kate was sold by her father to Sake, and to have his baby, because his previous wife couldn't give him one.

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  1. can you please recommend me another link to watch pin anong because I've been finding it everywhere and its no where to be found. the link that you gave above its not working, it says the video is private

  2. Pin anong