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What Will Mint Say? Yaya-Margie Tried to make Mint and Kim Attack Each Other

May 29, 2015 Thai Celebrity 1 Comments

Although the problem between the girls were old, recently there were rumors that Yaya Urassaya and Margie Rasri tried to make Mint Chalida and Kimberley Voltemas attack each other. Read below to find out Mint's response.

You attended Mai Davika's birthday party, recently?
"Yes, it was fun. The theme was "cool." I was stressed, because all the outfits were all powerfully cool."

How did you know Mai?
"We've known each other for awhile now. We always talk , but we just never upload any photos because we have never taken any photos together."

People were carious how you two met?
"Truthfully, we are not that close. But the industry is not that big, so we met."

Are you going to join Mai's gang (group of friends)?
"No. Let's live like there is no gang. I can stay with anyone and talk with anyone. I am happier that way."

Have Mai asked you to switch channel?
"No. I still have contract with channel 3 and will still stay with them."

Have you met with your gang "4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao?"
"I met Margie recently. We were modeling together."

The 4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao Gang

There were rumors that Yaya Urassaya tried to make you and Kimberly attack each other?
"There's nothing for sure. I don't really get to talk with Yaya, but that is just false accusations for sure. There is no reason why we would do that. Beside, we are in the same channel, too.

News said that Yaya cannot keep secrets?
"I haven't talk with Yaya for awhile now for me to share any secrets with her. Also, I don't have any secrets to share with her, and I am not hiding anything."

Is the relationship between you guys still okay?
"We are still good friends. The good feelings that I have for her is still the same."

Margie was also involved in this rumor?
"For sure, this is not true. Especially with Margie. She is very sweet and nice to me. This is just rumors that will come and go."

Does it seem like you get talked a lot of topics related to friends?
"Yes. It seems like every one of my news is related to friends."

Is it truth that this gang is no longer close like before?
"Well, we don't get to see each as often as before so the closeness is getting smaller. As we grow, we met more people and have a bigger cycle of friends.

But it seems like the gang still go places together, just not inviting you?
"I haven't seen them going anywhere."

Do you want to met up with them to clear this rumor out?
"It would be difficult, because everyone is taking at least two dramas."

Is the relationship still the same between you guys?
"Still the same. We are still friends like before."

The four girls. 

SOURCE: Sanook

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  1. Yaya's reputation has been proved time and again of her being professional in her work and whoever few people she is friendly with speaks of her sweetness, dedication and humble ways.
    So, Whoever is speaking this lies must be jealous of out Queen here. I and many of the fans from India knows Lakorns and Thai dramas is because of this beautiful star Yaya. I wish she keeps being strong and just ignore these malicious lies and remain stronger, beautiful and more successful.