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Fans are Crazy for Pat and Tono

February 27, 2016 Thai Celebrity 3 Comments

The hottest koo-jin breaking social media at the movement is Tono Pakin and Pat Napapa. These two came to be a koo-jin right after Tono went to a Thai TV show were Pat was one of the host. Their cute and playful chemistry clicked right then; making many fans go crazy. 

Just recently, Tono has given his motorcycle helmet to Pat as a gift making fans even crazier. The koo-jin has their own hast tag ( #NoPat and #Napapakin ) all over social media. 

Tono's mother also responded to fans' comment claiming that Pat is a cute and kind person, and let everything happen naturally (because many fans were asking if the two are in an intimate relationship).

Both had been teased everywhere they go. Pat was teased many times when she went to Woody's Talk Show and many other Thai shows, that she and Tono has something going on. For now, she admits that they are talking through Line, but only for work-related.

The show that the Koo-Jin was born. credit @ IG tonopat_fc

credit @ IG tonopat_fc

credit @ IG tonopat_fc

credit @ IG tonopat_fc