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They Broke Up Because Tono Misunderstood

February 19, 2016 Thai Celebrity 3 Comments

Tono and Tangmo are the talk of the town once again. A week ago, Tangmo was invited to the "Club Friday Show," where she explained to everyone about what really caused the two of them to be separated. 

Tangmo: There was a time when I have admitted to Tono that I wasn't being loyal to him. But that didn't mean that I was cheating on him. The real case was that I was not loyal; I had a secret. I started to see some horrible flaws of his, and have decided to seek advice from many elders. These elders, I cannot expose to anyone included Tono. That was my secret. Therefore, I didn't let him check my phone which  I would said was the cause of our break up. I thought it was a small issue that any family could overcome.

He wanted one thing from me, and that was to not cheat on him. He demanded that I let him see my phone, and if not, he will leave the house immediately. I said "no." 

Host: Is the secret about who you talked with or what you talked about?

Tangmo: Both. I chose to talk with people that was very close to him. But some of the conversations I have had with them I would not be able to accept if I was Tono. He would probably question why I seek advice from this person, why not talk within ourselves, and why did I talk about that with him/her. If I was him, I would feel the same way about myself. I talked about his flaws which I couldn't show him since it was with the person he respected. I would rather let him misunderstand me than having to despise that person. I let him misunderstood that I am cheating on him.

During his birthday, I thought I would give him a gift that he wanted. I told him that I wasn't loyal; that I was talking with someone. I explained that I couldn't expose who that person was, because I was the one that started the whole thing. But the truth was I made it up. I said what he wanted to hear from me. He thought that I was talking to my ex. Thinking that he might forgive me if I told him what he wanted to hear, so I lied.

But after he moved out, he never contacted me. I called him asking if he remembered our vows. He replied, "You know it well, it was all your fault. What do you want me to do?" He was my everything; my whole life. Because of that, I attempted suicide and tried cutting my own arm. 

Host: What do you want to say to Tono now?

Tangmo: Thank you. Although there were both good and terrible things happened, the love that I have is still the same. If it wasn't for all those things that had happened, I would not have become who I am today. Therefore, all the things that I made you feel bad or did you wrong, I am sorry, no matter how many times I have to say, I will. I hope that this Valentine's Day, you will have a great day with your family and fans. I also sent you a small love from here, it's something I still have for you, and believed that you still do too. I miss you. In the future, whether we will get to see each other again or not, I hope the past was a great thing that had happened to us and the love that we had built. But today, I will not beg you to come back, when this show goes on-air, you and I might already have new people in our life. 


  1. No not at all, her explanation seems nonsensical. She told him what he wanted to hear and that was that she was cheating on him? Makes no sense.

  2. Its amazing how open these thai celebs are with their lives and relationships.