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Pim Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer

March 04, 2016 Thai Celebrity 0 Comments

Thai singer and actress, Pim Pimmada, revealed a shocking news to everyone. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and must be treated consistently. This March 1st was the last of the 6th times that she has received chemotherapy.

In a recent talk show, she explained that she was missing her periods which triggered her to go get it checked. The doctor found that she had developed overian cancer. Luckly, she got it checked early and the doctor was able to perform chemotherapy to kill the cancer cells before it can be spread out. However, the treatment process affects extreme hair loss. She explained that she was extremely depressed and shocked about the amount hair she had loss. She had to wear a wig for her lakorn shootings.

Pim expressed her gratitude for all the supports from families, friends, and fans. And she kept everyone updated with her life through her Instagram account.

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A photo posted by __Pim mada__🍍 (@pimmada) on

A photo posted by __Pim mada__🍍 (@pimmada) on