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Top 5 Koo-Jin (Shipped Couple)

March 04, 2016 Thai Celebrity 1 Comments

Koo-Jin is a Thai term with a meaning of "fantasy couple" or "shipped couple." Early this year, these couples below are the most followed and liked Koo-Jin by Thai and international fans.

The "Ji-Ranee" Koo-Jin
James Jirayu and Bella Ranee made fans go crazy with their first lakorn together, Suparburoot Jutathep, back in 2013. They met again this year with Padiwarada which ended last Friday. Although there was a long gap between their older and recent lakorn, these two was seen together at many events. 

The "Kao-Tor" Koo-Jin
Kao Supassara and Tor Thanapob got famous from the Hormone: The Confusing Teens Series. This show was the talk of the town in Thailand back in 2013. The show was about teen problems and their love life. Pretty soon, these two will be back together for another show.

The "Aom-Mike" Koo-Jin
Aom Sucharat and Mike D Angelo was not only loved by Thai fans but by Taiwanese and other international fans after their Full House Thai version drama. Still on air is their Kiss Me drama that got many fans blushing along with them. They were loved by so many that Mike is getting drama offer from Taiwan. 

The "NY" Koo-Jin
This couple went all the way back to 2010 when their first lakorn, Duang Jai Akkanee, got the entire country in love. After the lakorn ended with great success, the two were on demand until today. Their new lakorn is coming soon. Read more here to find out why Nadech is a woman on the photo above. 

The "Namtarn-Ken" Koo-Jin
Namtarn Pichukkana and Ken Phupoom became a shipped couple the first episode of their lakorn: Dao Kiang Duen. With their great chemistry together, a new lakorn, The Cupid Series, will be coming for fans to enjoy. 

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