Yaya will not deny relationship with Nadech!

April 08, 2017 Thai Celebrity 5 Comments

Unlike Nadech who never slips out anything, Yaya said it's fine to say they are dating. Although, she didn't make a clear statement admitting they are dating she won't deny they aren't. The relationship between the two is ambiguous, but she blushed and giggled when reporters asked "so you two are dating then?" to what she replied "I like the way we are now."

"The way we are now" can mean many things like  dating, friends, siblings or co-workers, but Yaya said it's totally fine to her if people say there are a real couple. She says its obvious and people can think for themselves.

There was another interview with the two together following this one, and Nadech kept saying her Thai is weak so there may be some mistake in what she have said, but she looked at him weird and replied that she was aware of her words and know everything she said.

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  1. It's probability safe to say they more than "siblings"! What do you think?

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